Cattaneo Bros

Fuel For Athletes: Energizing and Lasting Nutrition

“I already knew about how important protein, carbohydrates and fats are for our bodies. These macro-nutrients are essential to nutritional health, well-being, and for providing our bodies with calories for energy. We need these nutrients to fuel our every movement, every time we eat it isn't simply a meal, but a nutritional tune-up… All this time my family had been making healthy food to feed these moments. Food packed with simple and nutritious ingredients for active lifestyles. Before, the business had been a daily task, but now I could see it served a greater purpose.”
-Katelyn Kaney, Team Leader and Owner of Cattaneo Bros

"I have now become a permanent fan of Cattaneo Bros. The difference is in the quality and taste! You will find me often wearing my CB hats and apparel to show my support. I also have the cool cowboy napkin holder in my kitchen.
I strongly recommend CB jerky and all the other products to the readers, meat lovers, CrossFitters, adventurists, and the like!"
-J.C. Nessa "Fitness, Lifestyle, & Leisure"  
"Diet is the foundation of my performance. I take what I put in to my body seriously. That’s why I choose Cattaneo Bros.; no sugar, grass-fed and zoned per portion fuel kits to keep my foundation strong."
-Wes Piatt, 2013 CrossFit Games Athlete

"The only way I can keep my body doing what I NEED to do, is to make sure that it has the fuel that it needs.The great thing about the Cattaneo Bros… it gives your body exactly what it's craving. Top nutrition equals top performance and I won't accept anything less."
-Bill Grundler, Southern California CrossFit Regionals Athlete

In addition to many professional crossfit athletes, UCLA football, Utah Jazz Basketball, and ASU football are some of the many collegiate athlete teams that are sustained by our nutritious jerky!

If you are a part of an athletic team that would be interested in fueling your journey with us, please call Heidi Heller at (805)459-8344 or email her at