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We offer more than 100 unique gift packs to choose from. They include a variety of our three styles of beef jerky, turkey jerky, smoked beef sticks along with nuts, fruits and candies.  You can also create your own custom pack by picking a container and the items you want and we will pack it up for you! 

 *please note that the container you receive may vary from those shown*

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Top 20 Gift Packs Top 20 Gift Packs

From Holiday Classics to New Favorites for 2017, here are our top 20 Gift Packs that are perfect for every taste and every budget.  

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Mug Gift Packs Mug Gift Packs

Our mug gift packs come in either a Cattaneo Bros. or SLO mug. Choose from a variety of packs that include our delicious products!

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Mini Drawstring Packs Mini Drawstring Packs

Move over stockings, everyone wants one of these mini bags stuffed with goodies! These make great white elephant gifts.

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Central Coast Packs Central Coast Packs

We are thrilled to offer these new packs that feature a varitey of local favorites.  We invite you to enjoy a taste of the Central Coast or send someone a happy reminder of home!!

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Tote Bags Tote Bags

Made in the USA, these durable gift bags are made of jute and are the perfect size.  Packed with jerky, they make for a very thoughtful gift and can be used over and over again.  

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Wood Box Gift Packs Wood Box Gift Packs

The wood box gift packs have been our traditional gift pack for over 20 years. You can find a gift that is perfect for any occasion. There is something for everyone in these packs.

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Wood Crate Packs Wood Crate Packs

Our crates will be handy long after the treats inside have been enjoyed. These crates are handmade cedar, etched with our Cattaneo Bros. logo and made right here on the Central Coast!  Our small crates are 9" x 6" x 5" and can hold up to 8 bags while our large crates can hold up to 20 bags!

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Cooler Packs Cooler Packs

In case you didn't find what you're looking for, try one of our cooler packs stuffed with some of our top-selling products!

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Wash Tub Packs Wash Tub Packs

Our Pozo Pete Wash Tubs have our logo branded on a sturdy metal tub that you can use over and over again. Whether you use it for storage or decoration, these make great containers for your next gift pack!



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Military Packs Military Packs

Cattaneo Bros. salutes all military personnel serving around the world. We offer Free Shipping and special discounts on these military packs that are shipped to any APO or FPO address.

If you would prefer to choose from one of our other gift packs or create your own package and you are sending it to a APO or FPO address we have a special flat rate shipping of $12.00 for your package to be shipped.  Some exclusions do apply. 

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Gallons of Goodies Packs Gallons of Goodies Packs

Our buckets are engineered for snacking. These packs make great gifts for any occasion. Choose from our small pail or big bucket.

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Cattaneo Gift Box Cattaneo Gift Box

These gift packs are great ways to sample our meat snacks and make great gifts. The Sampler Pack is our No. 1 selling pack.

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