Cattaneo Bros

Wood Box Gift Packs

The wood box gift packs have been our traditional gift pack for over 20 years. You can find a gift that is perfect for any occasion. There is something for everyone in these packs.


Beef VIP Pack Beef VIP Pack $41.00
Cheyenne Cheyenne $61.95
Cowboy Heaven Cowboy Heaven $59.95
Fort Worth Fort Worth $51.95
Founder's Cowboy Founder's Cowboy

Founder's Extra Thin Founder's Extra Thin

Founder's Favorite Founder's Favorite

Founder's Range Founder's Range

Highway 101 Highway 101 $42.00
Mount Shasta Mount Shasta $64.95
Mountain Man Mountain Man $60.95
Route 66 Route 66 $42.00
SLO Favorite SLO Favorite $61.95
The Round-Up The Round-Up $60.95