Cattaneo Bros

A Family Tradition

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Throughout the year, many of you write to tell us how Cattaneo Bros. jerky is part of your family tradition.  We love hearing your stories.  These traditions that are passed on through families and friends are part of what makes Cattaneo Bros. so special. 

Since the beginning of the Kaney Family's ownership, Mike and Jayne have worked hard to strengthen the brand and the quality of the Cattaneo Bros. product line.

Mike, our father, developed new recipes like Pork Apple Honey and Chorizo sausage. He worked with the owner's grandson, Jeff Cattaneo, to develop a whole new line of turkey jerky products. He made Cowboy-Cut available to everyone, and brought back the Extra-Thin, the original jerky cut style, which is now our number one selling item.

Jayne, our mother, focused her efforts on the gifts line and catalog. In 1990, Cattaneo Bros. offered nine gift packs in a single type of box. Today we still offer that traditional wood box, but also over a 100 gift packs full of the best fruits, nuts, and candies that California has to offer.  All of these items can now be found on our website and full color catalog.

Since Cattaneo Bros. was founded in 1947, the company has remained steadfastly committed to American manufacturing and American workers. For quite some time, the meat snack industry has seen a marked trend toward imported product. We have resisted this trend however, because we believe in the ingenuity, enterprising spirit and integrity of the American worker and the American cattle industry.

We are proud to produce all of our gourmet food products in California using only U.S. meat. We buy only the best meat and ingredients in order to produce a consistent, top-quality product. Real jerky can’t be made by machines. Each piece is hand-cut and marinated in apple cider vinegar with no added sugar then hung to dry for hours in smokehouse ovens.

After 65 years, Cattaneo Bros. is still a family owned and operated business. The Kaney Family has worked hard to keep the production facility up to date with the latest USDA food safety requirements while continuing to maintain traditional production techniques. They believe that it is the family's trade secrets, recipes and attention to detail in the production process that make Cattaneo Bros. products one-of-a-kind.

We truly appreciate the continued support and loyalty from all our customers.  If you haven't been by lately, be sure to come see us at the factory in San Luis Obispo.  We would love to hear about the first time you had Cattaneo Bros. or about your very own Cattaneo Bros. tradition.