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Fuel for Family: The Inspiration Behind Our Focus on Nutrition and Health Education

In the shadow of an idea is often an inspiring story of one’s journey through trials, tribulations and triumphs. Below is my journey that I have traveled over the past 6 years. Along the way I was fortunate to have met a ton of incredible people whose stories have inspired me and have only made me more passionate about the products we produce here at Cattaneo Bros. Specifically there have been some incredible athletes and now great friends of mine that have supported me the entire way and I couldn't be more grateful for all of their support.

As the sun set on July 26, 2008, I stood shrouded in darkness as my mother’s body was laid to rest next to my father’s grave. In just six months time, I had lost both of them to cancer. I pushed away my pain and focused on running the family business they had left behind. In search of a greater purpose, I joined Team in Training and ran my first marathon to fundraise to fight cancer. It was pain with a purpose. I felt like in some small way I was making a difference for the next family who might be struck with the illness.

I continued to train and run marathons. I continued to educate myself on cancer. And I became more convinced than ever that while prevention was critical the most important thing I could do was live a healthy and fulfilling life in the moments I did have. I had total control of these moments. 

 -Katelyn Kaney, Team Leader and Owner of Cattaneo Bros.