Cattaneo Bros


Cattaneo Bros. meat snack products are the perfect fundraising items.
Cattaneo Bros. meat snacks make it easy for you to run an extremely successful fundraiser. Beef Jerky is a healthy snack and a great alternative to candy. Our World Famous Beef Jerky practically sells itself. You just have to give it legs.

Cattaneo Bros. has two different fundraising kits to choose from.

Here is a Look at our Most Popular Fundraising Kit:

Each box contains 20 Individually Wrapped Items to Sell

10 Original Smoked Beef Sticks
10 Teriyaki Smoked Beef Sticks

Plus a money envelope for collections with instructions. 

Your Cost = $25.00 Total Per Box
Or $1.25 for each item
Suggested Selling Price of $2.00 each (20 items)
Your Profit = $15.00 Per Box

Our Second Fundraising Kit is as Follows:


Each box contains 12 - 1oz. Bags

4 - 1oz. Original Beef Jerky Bags

4 - 1oz. Black Pepper Beef Jerky Bags

4 - 1oz. Teriyaki Beef Jerky Bags

Your Cost = $23.40 Total Per Kit

Suggested Selling Price of $3.50 each

Your Profit = $42.00 per Kit

Your Gross = $18.60 per Kit

Tips for a Successful Fundraising Campaign

  • Lay out your game plans
  • Assign group leaders
  • Pick team members
  • Set goals and important dates: meeting, start, product pick-up, deadline and party
  • Order your product 3 to 4weeks in advance, since all products are made fresh
  • Plan for 1 or more boxes per member
  • Successful campaigns usually run for 2 to 3 weeks

If you're interested in learning about our fundraising pack or placing an order, please email us at or call 1 (800) 243-8537