Cattaneo Bros

A Tradition Since 1947

Our Story:


The word 'jerky' comes from the Native (South) American Quechua term "ch'arki" meaning "dried meat" and was well received in Europe by the Spanish in the 1500s when introduced during the early conquest of the Americas.


When the Spanish Conquistadors invaded the Americas they carried their dried meat with them. The natives of North America had been drying meat as well and then adopted the Spanish term, adding their accent, transforming the term to be "jerky."


Brothers William Cattaneo Sr. and Pino Cattaneo moved west with their family from Italy and settled in SLO, finding work at a famous meat retailer (Beremeyer's Market) located in downtown San Luis Obispo.


In April, William Cattaneo and his wife Mary started a meat processing business. By the end of the year, Pino Cattaneo joined and Cattaneo Bros. was born. 


William and Pino started as independent sausage makers, adding jerky in small batches. Over the years different styles and cuts of Cattaneo Beef Jerky were created. Thin-Cut was the very first cut with Thick-Cut following shortly after. Smoked Beef Sticks were sold as "Smoked Beef Pepperoni."


Cattaneo Bros. built a new USDA inspected facility, still our current location today on Caudill St. in San Luis Obispo! At this time, our Teriyaki flavor was introduced as well as a few gourmet items like Pistachios.


The first pine box with a sliding lid branded with the Cattaneo logo was introduced and a great tradition of Cattaneo Bros. gift giving was created.


Michael and Jayne Kaney, both graduates of Cal Poly, purchased Cattaneo Bros. New faces meant great new additions. New flavors, Extra Hot and Mesquite became available.


The Kaney's continued to expand the Cattaneo Bros. business wile staying true to the Cattaneo's trade secrets, the recipes and attention to detail in the production process. With Mike Kaney's background in the meat processing business, Pork Apple Honey Sausage, Caballero Sausage, and Chorizo Sausage were added. Mike Kaney worked with William Cattaneo in creating the new Turkey Jerky line. 


Extra Thin-Cut Beef Jerky and Cowboy-Cut Jerky became available to everyone as well as more sizes of bags. Jayne Kaney expanded the line of gourmet nuts, fruits and candies, and created Cattaneo Bros.' first holiday catalog offering over 75 gift packs. 


Cattaneo Bros. celebrated 50 years and became available on the internet! 


Cattaneo Bros. expanded into national internet sales, and daughter Kimberly Kaney, also a Cal Poly graduate joined the company as Sales and Marketing manager, rebuilding and expanding the company website and working closely with Jayne on expanding the gourmet food and gift packs available.


Cattaneo Bros. celebrated 60 years and the Kaney's added a brand new state-of-the-art packaging machine designed and hand built in Germany by the world's best food packaging engineers. This brought new and exciting features to customers, such as the tear mark for easy opening on the jerky bags! Cattaneo Bros. also hit the road this year to attend over 15 gourmet food shows, fairs, and wine festivals to showcase their products.


Cattaneo Bros. honored owners Mike and Jayne Kaney, both lost their fearless battles with cancer. Mike and Jayne treasured their family more than anything and were very proud of their four children. The Kaney kids continue their legacy with years of experience working in the family business with their parents. 


Cattaneo Bros. introduced its new wine program that shows the great pairing between the jerky and wines specifically our hand cut Cowboy-Cut Beef Jerky and red wine. Cattaneo Bros. became available in over 25 wineries in California.


A great year for us!! First off, 2013 brought the long-awaited launch of our Range 100% grass-fed line! Range quickly gained interest among the crossfit community and other athletic-focused consumers, causing profits to soar that year.

 "Diet is the foundation of my performance. I take what I put in to my body seriously. That’s why I choose Cattaneo Bros.; no sugar, grass-fed and zoned per portion fuel kits to keep my foundation strong." -Weis Piatt, 2013 CrossFit Games Athlete

In addition, November 21st, 2013 brought the grand opening of The Mercantile in downtown SLO! Carrying specialty food items and a variety of home décor and gifts, this was an exciting time for Cattaneo to branch into a new venue, opening up many more opportunities. 


Jumping into 2017...

Cattaneo Bros. is now in over 100 stores throughout the US!! These locations are found mostly in the beautiful "home" location of California, but we do have selected locations outside the state and are planning to continue adding more! Expansion is the future!

Also, The Mercantile has taken on an incredible journey of it's own and recently celebrated 3 years of business in SLO this past November! We are so proud to be considered their foundation! We see big things in the future! 

This April, we will be celebrating 70 years of business along the stunning Central Coast!

We are so blessed by this community and the support that our dedicated consumers have shown throughout the years. Here is to you, our customers who have brought and grown us into the thriving company that we are today.