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The Local's Tub

The Local's Tub

4 oz. Original Thick-Cut Beef Jerky, 4 oz. Black Pepper Thick-Cut Beef Jerky, 4 oz. Teriyaki Thick-Cut Beef Jerky, 4 oz. Original Smoked Beef Sticks, 4 oz. Dried Apricots, 4 oz. Pistachios, Salted, 4 oz. Almond Brittle, 10 oz. Susie Q's Original Seasoning Shaker, 13 oz. Old Country Deli MSG Free Seasoning Shaker, 16 oz. SLO Original Salsa, 19 oz. Susie Q's Pinquito Beans Bag, 15.3 oz Jocko's Seasoning Shaker

Packed in a Galvanized Wash Tub.

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