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Fuel for Every Day: What's Fueling Your Journey?

Whether you are an athlete, parent, business professional, doctor, or college student...whatever your occupation might be, there is one thing that we all have in common: FUELING.  Our body is like a powerful machine.  It works hard to help us grow as a child to an adult, it repairs itself from illnesses and injuries, and it runs all the systems needed to keep the body functioning.  To look after this amazing machine, our bodies need to be supplied with the right kind of fuel, and you guessed it, that fuel comes from the food we consume.  

At Cattaneo Bros. we are passionate about providing our customers with healthy snack options that are also convenient and tasty.  We realize that what we fuel our bodies with can often be a challenge when we are busy, stressed and when options are limited.  We have been able to provide many options of delicious and healthy meat snacks with other simple and nutritious ingredients to create a balanced whole food snack perfect for fueling every lifestyle.

We encourage you to...Eat To Fuel...Fuel To Succeed!

Here at Cattaneo we have been dedicated to educating ourselves about nutrition and finding a solution to the commonly accepted sugar/protein trade off. We have succeeded. Below is a comparison chart showing the trade off and where we lie as a producer of protein snacks. (the chart references our Grassfed Range jerky line)

Range Protein vs. Sugar content pg2.jpg